In this Master Workshop, you will learn some of the basics and foundational moves in breakdancing such as top rock, footwork, power moves, freezes, spins, drops, and basic tumbling. We will also show you how to incorporate your character, style, and feeling by expressing yourself through this fantastic dance. Come prepared for a new experience and hopefully a life-changing workshop!



Each class will begin with a variety of stretches and warm-ups, which will include push-ups, sit-ups, wrist warm-ups, handstands, and headstands. This is good for the core muscles, cardiovascular, bone development, balance, fat burn and helps to prevent body injuries in the future.



The class has been structured to prepare your body mentally and physically as the class advances. Each move or technique introduced in course will be integrated into the proceeding classes; with a lot of practical hands-on participation. After the thorough warm up, foundational and the basics in B-Boying/B-Girling Dance steps and moves are incorporated into a full routine and repeated. By doing this, the movements will be a lot sharper and natural.



The Highlight of this workshop is "The Cypher" when all the students create a circle and take turns to go into the center and perform the dance steps that have been taught. This is the chance to test your skills, moves, and confidence you have learned in class. Whether you are just looking to have some great exercise or want to get down and learn how to bust out some incredible moves, this will be the best choice.



Come appropriately dressed for dance and be ready to get an exercise, workout, and learn a new dance style all in one. (T-shirts, sweats, comfortable shoes, water)

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