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1, 6, 12-Session Program / In-person & Virtual Available / beginners & Advance / Customizable for your needs

During this Master Workshop, you will learn some of the basics and foundational moves in breakdancing, such as top rock, footwork, power moves, freezes, spins, drops, and basic tumbling. Additionally, we'll show you how to express yourself through this fantastic dance by incorporating your character, style, and feelings. Prepare yourself for a new experience and hopefully a life-changing workshop!​

The class has been designed to prepare your body mentally and physically as the class progresses. As the course progresses, each technique or move will be integrated into the subsequent classes, with plenty of practical hands-on experience. After a thorough warm-up, the basic steps and moves of a Breaker are incorporated into a full routine. As a result, the movements will be much sharper and more natural. 

In this workshop, the highlight is "The Cypher," where all students form a circle and take turns performing the dance steps they have learned. You can put your skills, moves, and confidence to the test. Whether you want to get in some great exercise or learn some incredible moves, this is the class for you.
Come appropriately dressed for dance and be ready to get exercise, work out, and learn a new dance style all in one. (T-shirts, sweats, comfortable shoes, water)


The final performance will be scheduled for the students to showcase what they've learned.

Hip-Hop theatre is used to showcase all performing arts skills.

Appropriate music consisting of drums, beats, classical, oldies, and the classics.

Learn stage and performance etiquette used in professional careers.


T-shirt & Pizza Party rewarded after the final performance.

Photos and videos of the final performance will be made available for parents and staff.

Numeracy and Literacy Skills
SEL based

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