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Houston Healthy Hip-Hop's founder, Chris Cortez, was part of one of the first in-school hip-hop dance programs at Spring Oaks Middle School in 1998. Kathy Wood, the founder and artistic director of FLY Dance Company, instructed and educated him on stage etiquette and performance skills. She spent countless hours mentally and physically preparing him for stage performances. Seeing such a positive environment as a child inspired Chris to reach out to the community by creating a program similar to the dance class that Kathy Wood taught. Chris's passion for Hip-Hop culture led him on a quest to provide hope and health to the youth.             

Since 1998, Chris Cortez has been internationally recognized in the B-Boy community, performing, competing, instructing, and educating youth about the positive effects of B-Boying & Hip-Hop. Chris has organized 12 dance events/competitions in Spring Branch to support and bring a positive message to the community he grew up in.                        


For nine consecutive years, he was also a member of the world-famous Houston Rockets launch crew. With the Houston Rockets organization, he traveled to Beijing and Guangzhou for the 2010 Global Games. Chris performed at the 2013 Global Games in Manila, Philippines, and Taipei, Taiwan.


In 2009 Chris Cortez launched "Houston Healthy Hip-Hop." The growth of this after-school program “Hip-Hop 4 Homework” expanded throughout the Houston area.


As of 2012, Chris also became the owner and director of Fly Dance Company, an all-male contemporary dance company in Houston that boasts ten talented dancers. The company is known for its high-energy performances with the clever staging of a variety of music. Labeled an artistic phenomenon, FLY crosses street dance with classical choreographic principles. Their technique is hip-hop—very creative, gymnastics, and highly masculine.


Currently, ECE Touring/Fuzion represents FLY, the largest talent agency in North America, and is advised by renowned choreographer/legend Rennie Lorenzo Harris.

 In addition, FLY will partner with symphonies across the US. FLY is also partnering with the United States Embassy to take their programs and concerts overseas. FLY is excited to announce FLY Dance Company Day in Houston on September 30th which was celebrated at Miller Outdoor Theatre for their 25 years of FLY.


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