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Houston Healthy Hip-Hop & Fly Dance Company are here to present the new "Healthy Hip-Hop Show.” The talented, comical dancers of FLY invite you to experience the world of Hip Hop in a non-stop, fast-action, fun for all ages show. The all-male group is youthful, masculine, risk-taking, acrobatic, funky, and fun—who act as well as dance! Through various skits, the students will be informed on how leading a healthy, active lifestyle will improve everyday activities. Then the fun begins as we share some history of the Hip Hop culture, including its origins and inspirations. For the FLY dancers, Hip Hop has not only been empowering but  has been life-changing. It has encouraged us to be “leaders” and not followers, which is just one of the many positive social messages throughout the performance.



  • Learn the foundation of B-Boying and Hip-Hop History.

  • Students will be motivated and challenged on Healthy eating habits.

  • The performance was full of laughter that all ages could enjoy.



  • Demonstrations of all difficult move.

  • A chance will be given to students & teachers to perform and battle on stage.



  • Educated on Corporate Hip-Hop and real Hip-Hop.

  • Learn a wide range of moves and terms

  • Experience the positive


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