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Hip-Hop 4 Homework

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1HR / 20 Students / 12 Session program



Hip-Hop 4 Homework uniquely combines dance, music, and theater. The class will also demand a high level of professionalism and performance etiquette. The students will learn a variety of stage terms that will dictate the student's actions and cues throughout class and performances. The Performing Arts is a great way to get them to freely express themselves through Dance, Music, and theater all in one class. The basics and foundation of Breakdancing are designed to build the students character and confidence. The students are physically trained through a series of drills and routines that will build stamina, coordination, and strength. The students will be introduced to a variety of music genres. Classical, Oldies, and Funk are some of the selections of music that will be used in the classes



Each class begins with a variety of stretches and warm-ups to decrease the chance of injury, which will include push-ups, sit-ups, wrist warm, and repetitive exercises. We will also have a series of drills consisting of front rolls, back rolls; hand stands, head stands, handstand. The class schedule has been structured to prepare the student’s body mentally and physically as the class advances. Each move and technique introduced in class will be integrated into the proceeding classes. The balance will be taught through lower and upper-body workouts and a variety of other sets involving balance.     


Teamwork is implied to the concept of breaking down music into patterns of 8-counts for choreography done by the students. This helps the students understand timing, and how to move and work together using group and partner work. Choreography and dance moves are drilled to increase speed, stamina, and balance. Basic tumbling exercises are also taught to improve strength and coordination. These practices bring awareness of automatic and inefficient movement and introduce the steps necessary for more efficient movement patterns in all parts of the body. With the students working towards a common goal, they appreciate that their “voice” and interests are heard and understood by others. This joint effort creates a sense of secure acceptance that is critical to their self-esteem and confidence. Social skills are developed dramatically from the students taking turns, sharing, negotiating and trusting in one another to complete the task at hand.       


Not only do the students learn how to work as a team, but they also learn stage and performance terms that are used in the professional dance world. Stage etiquette is also essential when performing, and we advise them to carry on the practices to the real world. The students are expected to be on time to class and to remember and review dance steps learned in the previous lesson. The fun thing that separates Healthy Hip-Hop from any other program is that Improvisation is also involved with the program, which allows the students to have many opportunities to highlight themselves in class. At the end of the program that students will have learned a 15-30 minute mini-concert that is performed for their classmates, parents, and staff.



  • Students will receive a free Hip-Hop 4 Homework t-shirt.

  • Participants will receive a DVD with all projects created in class.

  • Dance and Comedy bring the stage to life with laughter.

  • A pizza party is awarded to the students after each performance.



  • Lessons from professional instructor allow students to learn properly.

  • Two performances will be scheduled in the school calendar.

  • Creating movement will allow the students to gain confidence and empowerment.

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